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The Sterile Processing and Distribution Technician decontaminates, inspects, assembles, and sterilizes instruments and surgical trays. The technician also manages inventory control, order and supplies, inspects, maintains, delivers and retrieves equipment and instruments for the surgery suite, emergency room and intensive care units, thus ensuring the efficient management storage and maintenance of medical devices.

How can you become a certified Sterile Processing & Distribution Technician or SPDT?

1. You need to complete an approved Sterile Processing & Distribution Technician certification course.
2. After completing a minimum of 80 hours of training through a CBSPD, Inc. certified program; or 400 hours through a IAHCSMM accredited program; you may take and pass the Certification for Healthcare Sterile Processing and Distribution Technician examination.

Where do Sterile Processing Technicians work?

Physicians' offices, clinics, surgical centers, and hospitals are just some of the organizations in which Sterile Processing Technicians are providing services.