OR Learning Institute

                                                   Registration Information

The registration process is basically the same for both programs. It is very important that any candidate understand the steps and follow the appropriate sequence to expedite the process. There are two registration seasons a year and all documents have to be  ready for one of them.

Requirements: For a smooth process of registration please have all the following documents ready before the initial interview day.

  • Registration Form
  • High School Diploma or equivalent. Some schools are not accepted.
  • Health Exam Form. Needed by all healthcare schools as a standard of registration. Done by a Dr.
  • Vaccination records (immunization records, MMR. Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Chicken Pox)
  • TB test (Tuberculin skin tests, PPD)
  • Flu Vaccine
  • Copy of Driver License
  • 100 Dollars (non-refundable)

After all of the above documentation is reviewed and accepted the school will provide two forms to be signed by the candidate.

  • Candidate’s authorization signature for the school to run a Criminal Background check.
  • School will provide the Drug test form for the candidate to attend to one of authorized testing labs.

Once the results of the background check and drug test are received and in satisfactory status, the school will setup a final meeting with the potential student to go over the final details like the signature of the Student Enrollment Agreement or payment plan, schedule, books and materials etc. The school reserves the right to accept a candidate or refuse it according to catalog information provided to the potential students at the initial visit.

Note: ORLI does not offer Financial aid at this time.